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Sunday, December 10, 2017

Governor Walker Signs Order to Expand Military-Civilian Collaboration

Civilian-Armed Services Team will increase partnerships between state, private sector, Armed Forces

DECEMBER 7, 2017 ANCHORAGE – Governor Bill Walker signed an Administrative Order yesterday to expand collaboration among military, civilian, and state government leaders with an eye toward meeting federal military mission needs, maintaining and increasing Alaska’s military capacity, and increasing the state’s overall strategic military value. Administrative Order 291 creates the Alaska Civilian-Armed Services Team (ACAST) following the sunset of the Alaska Military Force Advocacy and Structure Team (AMFAST). ACAST will build on AMFAST’s previous work by making recommendations to the Governor on strategies for ongoing and new collaborations with the federal armed forces.

“Alaska sits in a strategically important location on the globe, and plays a vital role in protecting our nation,” Governor Walker said. “Our partnerships with the federal government must continue to bring benefit to our state and our communities, and ACAST’s work will allow us to expand AMFAST’s good work over the years. Our new team will stand squarely on the shoulders of military giants – I am sincerely grateful for AMFAST’s work forging productive partnerships, and look forward to seeing their contributions serve as a springboard for ACAST.”

The nine-member ACAST will work closely with the Department of Military and Veterans’ Affairs to determine ways to leverage existing and future military capabilities in public safety, civil defense, emergency preparedness, and disaster response, all for the maximum benefit of Alaskans.

“As the eyes of the world have turned to the Arctic and the circumpolar north, Alaska will surely be a key player in not only U.S. military strategy, but management of a wide range of activities,” Governor Walker continued. “And in everything from increased international polar vessel traffic, growing access to and development of natural resources, and greater commercial and recreational use of northern latitudes, Alaskans can benefit. AMFAST anticipated all this and more, and I fully expect ACAST to rely on their excellent work as they look to the future.”

ACAST will also work to increase collaborations between the military in Alaska and the state’s communities and businesses, as well as increasing the efficiency of the U.S. Department of Defense’s current economic contributions.

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