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Monday, January 1, 2018

2018 New Years Resolutions, What Are Yours?

It's funny cause it's true

I was thinking about this before I sat down to write this article and i've never really had New Year's "Resolutions"....ever. It's kind of odd now that I think about it. The main reason i've never really had resolutions though is because i've viewed my life or 'current year' in terms of 'reasonable goals' and  specific habits, which is one reason I believe that I have been so successful year to year.

A mistake a lot of people make, I believe, is that they set specific and unreasonable resolutions that our sheer force of will can't over come in the long term. For example a lot of people make a resolution of "I will lose 30 lbs this year." In our minds that 30 lbs is such an abstract number and 12 months is such an abstract length of time that we will go hard in the first few months of the year and then eventually fail because we didn't FRAME our Resolutions in terms our MINDS can understand and enforce them with DAILY habits.

Instead saying, 'I will lose 30lbs this year' make a REASONABLE GOAL:

1. I will visit the gym two times a week for atleast 30 minutes per session

2. I will actively learn more about diet so that I consciously eat healthier foods and know which foods are healthy.

3. I have an addiction to soda and I KNOW that soda cause weight gain, so i'll ONLY have one soda once a week.

If you frame losing weight into terms that you can better accomplish and be more reasonable, then you aren't going to be constantly stressed out or fighting your subconscious. As humans we have ups and downs so setting unreasonable standards such as "i'm going to the gym every day" WILL end in failure, cause so many things can go wrong. However, setting yourself up to be reasonable with reasonable decisions that you can make daily, will make you less stressed out and happier in the end.

Come half way through the year, you may have only lost 6 pounds and thats OK, as long as you were faithful to a reasonable goal of increasing your diet knowledge, cutting down (reasonably) on your vice foods and learning about diet on a day to day basis.

Everyone is an expert

You can read up on helping improve your resolutions and accomplish your goals from all corners of the interwebz and they will all tell you all sorts of things that fill you up with "Motivation Porn"

Overly Positive Baby Being Overly Positive

We aren't Supermen or Wonderwomen so let's stop pretending. Instead of setting an abstract resolution, reframe a goal that you want into reasonable terms; "I want to write a book, so my resolution is to write 300 words a day," "I want to paint my masterpiece, so i'll paint 3-5 days a week for 30 minutes a day," "I want to pay off my debts, so i'll make a daily budget and planner"

What are your resolutions for 2018? 

I want to write a book and generally write more, so i'm going to write a minimum of 300 words a day. 

I want to play my guitar more often so i'm going to commit to 60 minutes a week, every week. 

I do calisthenic workouts nearly every day and would like to lift heavier, so i'm going to commit to 60 minutes every week to weight lifting. 

That's about it really. Life is good.

Happy New Years and hope your's starts off well! 

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