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Friday, February 2, 2018

[Editorial] Nobody is Eating Tide Pods, What You Should Be Worried About are the 700 chemicals in the Pod That You Use to Wash Clothes

First, I have a confession. I used to be addicted to tide pods....

But now i'm clean....*badum bum

Secondly, nobody is actually eating Tide Pods (well other than the 131 hospitalized and 10 deaths) and exceptions do not a rule make. After all more people and kids die from falling refrigerators and televisions than they do from tide pods.

The Tide Pod Challenge meme is just a massive elaborate effort to troll the Boomers and clearly it has worked with nearly every MSM news site publishing articles on the subject and even false rumors that Tide had discontinued the pods due to the controversial eating game challenge. This hyper-concern of the MSM and ilk just shows how the younger generation has a better sense of humor and grasp of the internet than the older generations--who easily fell for an obviously stupid gimmick.

What else will the older generations fall prey to? 


Back to the Tide Pods; we all know that these things are toxic however, few know exactly HOW TOXIC these laundry detergents really are: 

Health Ranger lab analysis exposes 700+ chemicals in Tide laundry pods… many are extremely TOXIC to human health and aquatic life [Source]

The maker of Tide, Proctor & Gamble, lists just 14 ingredients on its Tide ingredients page. These ingredients are made “friendly sounding” with verbiage such as, “Found in lemons and citrus fruits, it’s mild and helps to remove bad smells from clothes. Known as a chelating agent, which is used to soften water.” In reality, many of the chemical names found in Tide products are far more “scary” sounding, such as 1-hexadecylazepan-2-one (C22 H43 N O).

The Consumer Wellness Center is now releasing the complete list of 700+ chemical formulas found in Tide laundry pods. Download that document (PDF) at this link:


In other words, you don't need to be actually ingesting the pods to have the toxic chemicals enter your body. Every time you use these to clean your clothes, some of the chemicals remain on the material and then will absorb into your body when you wear your favorite shirt or jeans.

Allergies to Detergents and other household liquids has been well documented.

Yes, we should be worried about kids (especially toddlers) getting a hold of tide pods and accidentally eating them but as adults we should be even more worried about using these types of products in our house because the long term health impacts of daily use are much much worse. We should all consider using safer detergent alternatives--at minimum our kids won't be tempted by the bright colors and eat them.

Until next time.

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