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Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Sam's Potlatch Raffle Winners

  • Round Trip Ticket from POW to Ketchikan on Taquan Air--Peavey's
  • Round Trip Ticket from Klawock to Ketchikan on Island Air--Lynn Jones
  • Raven Bracelet and earrings made by Jeff Sheakley Jr.--Charlotte Kristourch
  • 1 Load of Firewood from Gene Colbert--Jon Bolling
  • 10 Pounds of shrimp from Quent and Tami Jones--Mariah Sanderson
  • 2 Cannery Prints from Cammie May--Kevin Carle
  • T-Shirt from the Craig Inn--Lisa Geroge
  • 20 inch paddle v/stand, halibut hook and hat from Sealaska Timber--Mary Ellen Skinna
  • Gift Certificate from Betty's Hair and Nails--Olina
  • $30 Gift Certificate from Dockside--Crystal Besseau
  • JT Browns Hat from JT Browns--Cable Wells
  • Take home Teeth Whitening Kit from Dr. Brookshire--Crystal Besseau
  • Round trip ticket from POW to Ketchikan on Taquan Air--Wayne Browing
  • Round trip ticket from Klawock to Ketchikan on Island Air--Checks
  • Load of D1 from SE Roadbuilders--Alysha Guthrre
  • Round trip from two (walk on) on the IFA--Lynette Logan
  • 10 pounds of shrimp from Quent and Tami Jones--R. Summers
  • Etched Mirror from Harold Irvine--Fred Hamilton
  • Boat print by Carolyn Parsons-Chapman donated by Robin Thomas--Terry
  • 20 inch paddle, halibut hook, and hat from Sealaska Timber--Evonne Sharpes
  • $30 Gift certificate from Dockside--Donna Rae James
  • Harris Air Hat from Harris Air--William Joseph
  • JT Browns Hat from JT Browns--Wayne Browning
  • 15 inch Carbed Canoe from Paul Lingley--Bob Sabin
  • Traditional Food Basket from Emil Nelson--Clinton COok
  • Traditional Food Basket from the Thomas Family--Doug Edenshaw

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