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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

2 House Fires on POW in 2 Weeks! Please Help Support Them Financially!

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Naukati House Fire:

John Helliwell, Ami Eller, and their three girls Sierra (17), Dakota (14) and Chyann (10) have suffered a terrible loss. In the early hours of the morning on March 16th, 2018, they lost their home and all their belongings to a house fire. Luckily Ami and the girls were out of town at the time and John was able to get himself and their animals to safety. Their family is very active in our little community, and their loss is felt by all of the residents in Naukati Bay.

The community is starting this Go Fund Me campaign to help raise money for the family to support their recovery efforts. It's going to be a long road, but we know they will come back from this tragedy stronger than ever. With help from our local community, and others on the island, we know we can help them rebuild their lives.

Anything you can provide will be helpful... cash donations will be accepted via Go Fund Me and will be given to the family. Checks can be made out to John Helliwell or Ami Eller and sent directly to them at P.O. Box 382, Naukati Bay, AK 99950.

Over the next few days, as we are able to further assess their needs, we will be posting updates regarding supplies they could use.

UPDATE: Wanted to send a huge THANK YOU to everyone who has already donated to help Ami, John and the girls. They are also accepting donations of any household items and are looking for suggestions on places available for rent for a family of 5 anywhere on the island.

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Craig House Fire:

Misty Mounts writes: The water heater at my moms house exploded last night 3/7/18 just after 11pm.

My brother Charlie, Cynthia and my nephew were home at the time of the explosion, they barely escaped in time.

They have lost everything. They live in Craig, Alaska, resources and assistance are already limited. They were living below the poverty limit and just don’t have the means of getting out of this without the love and support.

My nephew Sean is only a year old.
All of my moms photos are lost.

Please contribute what you can, to help them find a place to live and to start over.

My mom has been making great personal improvements in bettering their lives, help me show her how much she is loved and cared for.

Prayers and gratitude

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Not Fire Related, but House Related:

Matt and Caren Cooke and their four children live in the small community of Whale Pass. Matt serves as our small little church's interim pastor and is much loved by it's approximately 40 members.

Their place of residence is a rental and was purchased by a new couple that will not be continuing the rent and they were asked to be out by June 15th. As we are a very small and simple community, their options are very limited and they will need to purchase a piece of property for themselves in order to stay with us.

Many changes for the better have come about since Matt stepped in as interim pastor and our church community has grown closer. They're an incredibly loving family and contribute to the whole town with acts of kindness and caring. This community would be hurt in losing them.

The funds we raise will go towards helping them purchase property and have a structure built that is enough for a family of six to live in until they are able to build something bigger. Please help us keep this family here, as they are doing a work in Christ that we would sorely miss. Help the Cooke family get a liveable home by June 15th.

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