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Friday, March 23, 2018

Craig Anchor Baptist Church Open for Services!

Pastor Cody Schwegel Writes:

In 1994 the congregation now known as Anchor Baptist Church (ABC) was formed. For the last 24 years ABC has held its services on Sunday at the Seventh Day Adventist Building. In a monumental move back in 2008 ABC broke ground on its own building at 601 Brandi Ct in Craig (across from the swimming pool). The building project took many shapes and sizes as the planning progressed and the church decided on a 9,600 sq. foot design.

Over the years the dream took shape and the building was dried in. All though things seemed to be moving along, the building project slowed to a crawl while the church waited on God. In 2015 God breathed life back into the project and major progress was made. With the support of churches from around the country Anchor was able to complete much of the work in the summer of 2017. After a final push in February, Anchor was able to complete the lower floor of the building and receive it’s occupy permit from the State Fire Marshal.

Although the building is only 1/3 completed Anchor Baptist Church is permitted to hold its services in the lower floor.

Anchor Baptist Church Holds regular services starting at 10:45 A.M. Sunday School starts at 9:30 for adults and starting in mid-April, Children’s Sunday school at 9:30 A.M. For more information please visit us at
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