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Saturday, March 24, 2018

Longtime Alaska Fishermen Nominated to North Pacific Fishery Management Council

Governor speaks to the critical need for balance in Alaska fish management

March 21, 2018 JUNEAU – Governor Bill Walker has nominated two longtime Alaska fishermen to fill openings on the North Pacific Fishery Management Council.

Andrew Mezirow is a lifelong sport fishermen who has participated in numerous fisheries. He is the owner of Gray Light Sportfishing and was chief officer of the University of Alaska Research Vessel Alpha Helix in the 1990s. He has served on the council since 2015.

John Jensen was also nominated. He has more than 50 years of experience in Alaska as a fisherman, on his own boats and as a hired captain of larger fishing vessels. He owns and operates a seasonal skiff rental business in Petersburg.

In addition, Governor Walker offered the following statement on his recent appointment of Duncan Fields to the Alaska Board of Fisheries:

“Finding high-quality Alaskans to serve on the Board of Fisheries is critical, and that is why I was pleased to nominate Duncan Fields of Kodiak to fill the vacant seat on the Board.

At the same time, Duncan’s appointment underscores the constant struggle to achieve balance on the Board. Not only is there an array of user groups – from commercial and sportfish to subsistence and personal use – there are also distinct regions which deserve representation when management issues are considered. It is not always possible to balance every need every year. This is why I believe the Board should be expanded to include nine members. While I continue to support Duncan’s appointment, I am working to promptly address the concern of balance between user groups.”

– Governor Bill Walker

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