Trooper Report Week of March 4, 2018 - P.O.W. Report

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Trooper Report Week of March 4, 2018

Location: Whale Pass

Type: Commercial Fishing Closed Waters
Dispatch Text:

On 03/07/2018 Alaska Wildlife Troopers from Klawock, Petersburg, and Wrangell concluded an investigation which begin in December 2017. Investigation determined Jonathan McGraw Jr. age 43, from Naukati, Keith Wagner, age 52 from Naukati, and Curtis Looper, age 27 from Naukati were commercially harvesting sea cucumbers from closed waters including from the sea cucumber preserve in Whale Pass. McGraw’s boat the F/V Bottom Time, a 19 foot aluminum work skiff, his dive gear, and 1263 pounds of sea cucumbers were seized on 12/19/2017. McGraw was charged with 7 counts of Commercial Fishing Closed Waters, 7 counts of Illegal Possession, 6 counts Falsifying Fish Tickets, 1 count of Violating Conditions of Release, 1 count of Fail to Display Vessel Identification, and 1 count of Employing an Unlicensed Crewmember. Wagner and Looper were charged with one count each of Commercial Fishing Closed Waters and Illegal Possession. Looper was additionally charged with one count of No Crewmember License.

In all, McGraw is suspected of unlawfully harvesting sea cucumbers on 7 occasions totaling 7,506 pounds of sea cucumbers valued at a total of $35,288.

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