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Tuesday, April 17, 2018

A Fee By Another Name is a TAX! Craig Council Meeting to TAX Pt. St. Nick [April 19th]

The City of Craig Council is meeting on April 19th at 7pm

In the unfinished business section (save the most controversial for last!) the council will review 'road maintenance fee ordinance for Port Saint Nicholas' 

The purpose of the fee is to create a property tax  'fee' and a  'drive way permit' 'fee' for residents in Port St. Nicholas.  

The troubling aspect of the current draft proposal is that there is no actual established 'fee' cost yet. The cost is completely undetermined and can be changed at will by the members of the Craig Council!

A concerned Port St. Nick Resident wrote to POW Report regarding the last city council meeting on this issue:

Most of us walked away discouraged and some questions didn’t get answered. The council decided to reword some of the verbiage in the ordinances and it will be brought back for discussion at the next meeting April 19th. Most of us (can’t speak for everyone of course) [have the impression] from the council that they are already planning to move forward on this no matter what....

Port St. Nick "Fee" Draft Proposal  

Click the box in the top right to load the document

You can read the full Craig City Council Agenda [here]

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