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Friday, April 27, 2018

[Editorial] The Coming Golden Age Mindset

After following the Kanye West drama this week, I saw that in one of Kanye's tweets he reposted a "Scott Adams" video which is 22 minutes long and genuinely worth the watch:

Scott Adams for those of you who don't know is the creator of the 'Dilbert' comic strip, is a trained hypnotist, wrote several books (one of which I have read and will review soon) and writes on his blog every week.

Scott Adams became famous infamous in 2016 by being one of the first celebrities to predict that Donald Trump would win and become President--note he didn't actually endorse him. He just wrote that Trump will win purely based on what he coined Trump as being a 'Master Persuader'.

On top of Scott's blogging he started doing a daily vlog on Periscope called 'Coffee with Scott Adams' where he discusses the hot topic of the day or week and breaks it down. What makes Adams unique is that he approaches topic through his 'persuasion filter'. For example instead of just taking a political stance of right vs left, Republican vs Democrat he gives his take purely based on human psychology and how people as biological humans view these 'xyz events' through emotion not logic.

In the above video (which you should watch) he discusses the 'prison of the mind' that the majority of people end of up in. He breaks the 'prison of the mind' into two subsets;

1. Do you believe that history repeats?

2. The Problem has to be the Solution

He makes the case that if you believe in any or both of these things it limits you as a person and it hinders societal progress. He then lays out how Kanye West is not a 'prisoner of the mind' and that with just a 7 word tweet Kanye West has ushered America into the 'Golden Age' where we are quickly realizing that the 'Problem' is in fact NOT the 'Solution'.

The too long, didn't watch version is basically this; America has come to such a great place in our country that most of the big major problems have already been solved such as slavery, equal rights, the wage gap etc... And any other 'problems' that all these minor groups come up with can't be solved by society and can only be solved at the individual level by accepting self-responsibility and realizing that change can't happen if you, yourself aren't willing to change your mindset and see the solutions from different angles.

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