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Saturday, April 14, 2018

Natives Rising: Isn't it Funny How Wanting Something is Often How We Get into Trouble?

"Natives Rising" writes from their facebook page:
Thought for the Day~ Isn't it funny how wanting something is often how we get into trouble? Its not the fact that we wanted it but that we wanted it in a way that was not going to go over well with someone else or depended on someone else to do something they had no intention of doing.

As an extreme example, this is the problem with the criminal. He doesn't feel the need to earn whatever it is he is trying to get. He wants it the quick and easy way. Inevitably he will upset someone else and discover that what he gets that way he soon loses and so much more.

Another extreme example is the parent who wants the child to be a certain job title. Maybe the kid has no desire to do that kind of work but the parent "knows better" and forces him or her to study something they don't like. Mom and Dad get a doctor and the kid who wanted to be a policeman gets a lifetime of misery and a mountain of grudges against his interfering parents.

That which we acquire by the good old fashioned method of earning it or gaining willing agreement doesn't bring us trouble later. Not our own trouble at least. There are still criminals out there and other people who feel they should be entitled to someone else's property. There are even people out there who don't think anyone should really own anything. "To each according to his need" they say right before they help themselves to what is yours.

However, what has been legitimately earned tends to get taken care of better and even these bad actors have a harder time taking it. We can avoid a lot of trouble by simply finding ways to get what we want that don't involve stepping on anyone else's toes or getting them to do things they would otherwise have no reason to do.
~Your Friendly Neighborhood Ravenspeaker [their website]

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