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Sunday, April 22, 2018

Natives Rising: On Stupidity and Success

"Natives Rising" writes from their Facebook page:

Thought for the Day~ Stupidity is not so much the inability to think as it is the lack of doing so. Most highly intelligent people can, if they are honest and self aware, point to something they did just this week that was completely stupid. I am sometimes on a streak of doing something stupid every day for days in a row.

There is a funny joke that has circulated for decades because there is a great deal of truth in it: "Some ideas are so foolish, idiotic and stupid that only an intelligent person can believe in them."

Calling a person stupid is the same as suggesting they never think or are in a constant state of thoughtlessness. This is an insult of the highest order as we are essentially invalidating the very being of a person when we do it.

I have never seriously objected to someone saying some idea or action of mine was stupid but in the past it was the one thing that could send me into an uncontrolled rage if someone said I, as a person, was stupid. There is a huge difference and it is a stupidity itself not be able to see that.

Let's call the idea stupid, not the person who thought it up.

Your friendly neighborhood Ravenspeaker

Thought for the Day~ Success doesn't just happen. Big successes especially doesn't happen without being created. Once in a blue moon someone we know wins the lottery or marries a super model or some other crazy thing with no effort on their own parts. Best we don't count on it happening to us.

Successful people almost always are well prepared, well focused and hard working. Most of us don't have a rich parent days from death to leave us a bundle and royalty looking to marry commoners usually only happens in the movies. These of course are popular ideas of what success means. We all have our own thoughts on where we want to get out of life.

We can be successful at anything if we put in the right effort at the right time in the right way. In fact we only fail when we give up.

Your friendly neighborhood Ravenspeaker

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