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Monday, June 11, 2018

Family Loses Their House in a Fire on Wadeleigh Island

Go Fund Me:
Please help Eric, Tasheena and their six children, aged 13 - 2 1/2, rebuild their home after a tragic loss through fire. Thankfully no one was injured.

On June 8th their home caught fire and burned to the ground, leaving them without so much as tooth brushes or extra clothing. For 4 years they had poured much love, sweat and tears into building their homestead on an island just off Prince of Wales Island. Their home was built by hand and everything they had was put into it's progress.

To lose everything presents, as you can imagine, endless challenges. Regardless of what lies ahead, they are amazingly grateful they made it out with their lives and are eager to rebuild a life for their precious family. I pray that you would help them start the long process of starting over.

The Huestis family are now living on their sail boat.

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