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Monday, June 25, 2018

The Youth Leadership Program is Looking for Leaders and Mentors from the Island! They Meet Next on the 29th!

The POW Health Network has started a youth leadership program that consists of Middle School thru High School students and their goal is to have a minimum of two youth per community.

The program is directly modeled after Phlight Club with peer to peer and mentorship involvement.

The objective of the program is to make future leaders. To teach youth the strengths and abilities of becoming a leader and giving them a voice and the means to create positive change in their communities and become a role model for other peers!

The goal is to have the youth strong, confident and organized. The leaders should be able to plan, organize, and run a successful community event or activities of their choosing. Find a topic that they are passionate about being involved in to better their community. Be on boards. Learn how to become a better public speaker, have younger youth that they are mentoring, and be an active volunteer.

Picture from some of the youth leaders in Hollis courtesy of Ami Eller

This is a three year program that is funded through a grant.

For the summer, the POW Health Network is focused on team building and recruiting other youths. The network want the kids to become comfortable and trust each other, which gives them a chance to observe their various strengths.

This program is about dedication and work however that doesn't mean that there aren't plenty of fun times to be had!

Ami Eller the Assistant Youth Director writes:

If you know of any youths that would like to join we would love to have them get involved.

We also need mentors from every community that can help lead the youths. If you know of anybody that would be interested please contact us!

Our next youth leadership meeting will be in Thorne Bay on 6/29/18 at 9 am 

And we will be having a meeting with team building activities every two weeks.

Last week was in Hollis.

We are looking for more leaders from 6th-12th grade.
And good mentors who are willing to help and volunteer from every community.

SISD is providing some travel in their district communities. The mentors and adult volunteers also help arrange travel to assist the kids in getting to the meets and activities.

In Hollis the youth foraged and made native infusion water (some weren't able to make it due to summer jobs)

Heidi Young is the Director, Ami Eller is the Assistant Youth Coordinator and they are still looking for leaders from Hydaburg, Klawock and Coffman Cove

More information about the Program

This is a summary of the youth leadership program that is being conducted through the POW Health Network in an effort to help strengthen our communities by finding and assisting our youth that have a passion and drive to be a functioning part of their communities and invoke change.

*The Youth leaders goal is to have at least 2 middle school-highschool kids participate in each community.

* the funding for the program is through a 3 year HRSA grant

* The objective of this program is to promote and encourage leadership skills in our youth and prepare them to be strong and functional in their communities. Preparing our youth when they are young and giving them a voice, choices, and the ability to invoke change. Make a difference.

*The Goal of this program is to achieve complete confidence and leadership qualities by the end of the three years, that will include:

- mentoring and being portrayed as a role model to other youths
-Being on their community boards representing youth
-Planning/ organizing, and running successful community events/ projects of their choosing (financially backed by the POW Health Network)
-Volunteering in their communities to help and aide
- Campaign to unite neighboring communities and schools
- Recognized in their schools as leaders and made available to mentor others
-begin the process of tackling difficult issues that they are passionate about in their communities such as bullying, substance abuse, suicide prevention, providing support and items for foster care, clean up in communities etc…

The strategy of this program has three critical phases:

- Phase one is team building. We want the kids to get to know and trust eachother. Learn what is important to each of them, and watch and determine the different strengths of each one to help us place them in successful situations as leaders. We are concentrating our efforts on one community at a time, letting the youth of that community give us a tour and show us what they feel is working and what isn’t in their towns, and what/ how they would like to help change. We have the resident leaders help come up with the team activities and presentation for their community.

- Phase two is the learning and structuring of the program. Learning how to draft letters to their boards and legislature. Performing public speaking at school and community events. Standing as a role model in the schools and community. Community volunteering. Learning skills from their peers. Helping in community events and activities.

- Phase three of the program is the final phase in which we are expecting the leaders to be strong, confident and fully involved in the communities. They will be planning/organizing/ running their own community events and activities. Involved and campaigning for change and improvement in areas that they have concerns for. They will be a strong, active role models with a voice to help others become leaders. The youth are our future, We want to do our best to prepare them.
We are always looking for strong mentors to help volunteer, and other youth that are dedicated to their Island, and have a passion for improvement.

One of the things our leaders all agreed on at our last meeting was the importance of their EMS/Fire and how that was a high priority for them to see improved. Therefore, the Health Network has had help in arranging a youth first responders training for all our leaders, and after completion of the two day training the Network will be giving 1000.00 in support to each of the island communities that have participated.

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