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Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Fundraisers and Raffles Galore!

I have seen many pow islanders spend way too much time and money getting scratch off tickets and walk away with empty pockets...what the hell are you doing???

You have a greater chance of winning prizes, money, and goodies by actually putting that money on your scratch off to the local fundraiser on POW and in Ketchikan! And it will be a 360 degree win if you do so! The money you spend goes to a great local event/cause, the money goes to the locals (who sponsor even more events) and when you win, that money comes right back to you...a B-E-A-utiful 360 degree win!

Here are the great raffles and fundraisers going on that Karen at the Hill Bar and others have kindly sent me: 

This is a fundraiser for California Culture Camp with DonnaRae James Raffle tickets are $5 each for a King Size Quilt

Sellers are Karen Barnes at Hill Bar ,Charlene Wolfe 907-401-1021 DonnaRae James 916-380-2954
Pay pal -Venno -Apple Pay

All proceeds go towards Travel, Tools and supplies

You may find tickets for this $$$1,000 cash prize winning raffle at the POW Chamber of Commerce, Karen Barnes at the Hill Bar, Log Cabin, Black Bear, Dock Side, OUR Team Galley, Hollis School and Public Library. It's not just a raffle, the Hollis VFD and EMS are having a big schedule of events for their yearly fundraiser that starts on August 11th from 11am to 4pm!

This 50/50 raffle tickets may be found at the Hill Bar or the KCA

HOPE is also taking nominations for their 9th Annual Distinguished Men and Women of POW 

Finally, don't forget the up comings Arts Extravaganza Exhibit in the Fall!

If you have any events or fundraisers (or even garage sales) that you would like featured, please email 

Please share the stories on the social because it helps spread the word

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