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Friday, July 27, 2018

Roseanne Barr is Back!

Short story long Roseanne made a tweet saying that Valerie Jarrett was a cross between Muslim Brotherhood and Planet of the Apes and then lost her entire career over it. I wrote a great article explaining the situation [here] in case you want to catch up.

Roseanne "Take a Punch" Barr is now back with her first ever 'official' prime-time interview on Hannity. It's legitimately a really good interview that she had, although Hannity was way too serious for such a stupid issue.

The Spark Notes:

Roseanne is a Jew and ran for President for a Socialist Party..."The Green Tea Party."

She has always mocked both sides of the political spectrum equally and her tweet was exactly that--it was a political tweet. And she was offended and shocked that it was turned into a racist tweet when it had nothing to do with it.

She considers herself as identifying with the middle class and feels that both the left and the right have marginalized the middle. The reason that she made the tweet was to raise questions for why millions of dollars were hauled on a pallet in planes and sent to Iran.

Her contract with the Roseanne show actually protected her from any gaffs on twitter so long as she took steps to rectify the situation.

Another thing that shocked her about being branded a racist is the fact that she has black family members and even her Roseanne show which was number 1 focused on having diversity, what it's like living with different political perspectives and even having neighbors who are from a different country.

BTW Valerie Jarett isn't black...who could have possible known she was black when she was born in Iran and has the same skin-tone as Roseanne?

The Left has called Roseanne racist for a long time ever since she stated that "jewish people have a right to live in their ancestral home that's racism to the far left that I used to be one."

How can Obama ship pallets of money to Iran without approval from Congress and that's exactly what the tweet was about and she constantly talked about it and her statements were taken out of context.

Valerie Jarett needs a new haircut.

Here's the Part 2 Interview with Hannity:

Roseanne Barr is a National Treasure and nobody cares about what she puts on Twitter and she stated in the interview that she has received an overwhelming amount of love from regular people from this incident that was clearly misunderstood and Americans get it.

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