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Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Trump and Putin's Dog And Pony Show [Read: Trump is a Super Secret Soviet Spy Secretly Surveilling Savants]

Courtesy to Jared for coming up and inspiring the first half of the headline!

For those that missed it President Trump and President Putin had a historic meeting and press-conference today (it's 46 minutes):

Now, I know what you are thinking, Dear Reader, "The POW Report Editor was born in Russia, immigrated to PRINCE OF WALES ISLAND, instructed (BY PUTIN) to start a local news website JUST FOR THIS ONE SINGULAR MOMENT to run interference and cover for Super Secret  Soviet Agent President Trump and Similarly Distinguished Pernicious Principally Pompous President Putin...] 

You caught me fam!

Key Take Aways from the Press Conference between the two leaders:

Putin: The Cold War is over there is no reason to have tensions between the two countries. The world has changed with growing terrorism and environmental issues, if we work together we can address all of these issues.

Russia didn’t interfere with the American Election

Trump: Russia-US relations has never been worse (until this meeting)

Trump won the election fair and square and the Democrats lost and are looking for a scape-goat on a failed candidate. Russia didn’t having anything to do with the election.

Putin: If Mueller is serious about the investigation into Russia Collussion, then he is welcome to come to Russia and investigate and Russia should have the same right as well to question certain American who are involved in Russian politics and business.

Trump: Why didn’t the FBI take the DNC server if the server was hacked by Russians? Where is the DNC server and what is it saying? If we can get the server, we can settle this question once and for all. Where are the DNC server(s)? Where are Hillary Clinton’s 33,000 emails?

Putin offers once more to invite Mueller to Russia to investigate the supposed Russian involvement.

Putin: Is America denying that it’s a Democracy? Because Trump was elected fair and square and it seems that the Americans are denying a fair election? As for involvement in elections, how about question people like George Soros?

On Crimea: the Crimeans had a fair election in compliance with UN regulations and voted democratically to secede from Ukraine?

Russia doesn’t have any compromising info Russia and if Russia did it would have been leaked a long time ago.

As Scott Adams has famously stated, after the election of President Trump the American citizens have been watching "Two Movies on one screen" playing simultaneously. This press conference is a perfect example of it as can be seen by the MSM 6 year old break down. Now, i'm not going to go into their criticism as you are all aware of what they are. However, I do want to bring up a few points myself. Fair warning: remember, that i'm a Russian immigrant and have a bias and by bias, I mean to say, I have a better perspective on these two countries that you, dear reader, other wise may not have.

1. Both Democrats and Republicans Like Russia and Have Common Interests

Did I just write that? Yes, I did. I'm old enough to remember the same teachers (that taught me in Craig High School) who have so proudly professed their love and admiration for Russia to all of a sudden have a high distrust and hatred for Russia, what changed?

I'm also old enough to remember the same teachers (that taught me in Craig High School) who had a high distrust and hatred for Russia all of a sudden profess their love and admiration for Russia, what changed? 

Cognitive Dissonance is What Changed

You see Conservatives/Republicans/Democrats/Liberals actually have much more in common with Russia than most nations on this earth (save for Britain). Modern Russia is a Democracy, it has a Flat Income Tax, a Free Press, it's Christian, you can be Gay as long as you don't flaunt it in public (remember that in the rest of the world being gay gets you thrown off-roofs), they have liberal gun rights and they have strict gun rights, Russians fought on the same side in two major wars, both countries have a love for space, both countries support female rights etc...

So, if we were to pick a country out the following list who would you rather be allies with:

1. Russia
2. China
3. Saudi Arabia
4. Nigeria
5. Venezuela

It's an honest question and one that needs to be answered because the other four countries are evil, morally and ethically corrupt places who kill gays, mutilate the vaginas of little girls, jail and kill people for hate think, and generally have zero individual freedom. Yet none of those four countries get the type of vitriol (that they deserve) like Russia does. If you listen or watch the news you would think that Russia is the most evil place on earth--it clearly isn't--and yet not a single person who lists off a list of reasons for why they hate Russia and Putin will say a damn thing about China, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria or Venezuela despite their list ACTUALLY APPLYING TO THE OTHER FOUR...why is that?

2. What's wrong with being friends with Russia? 

This is really what this press-conference was all about. Making peace with a nuclear power and for those that genuinely believe in "Muh Trump/Russia Collusion", I know that there a few of you left. Putin offered an olive branch to Mueller, to come over and investigate in Russia. Now, here is where your 'cognitive dissonance' is coming into play, if Mueller DOES. NOT. GO. TO. RUSSIA. Then it's clear that the Mueller investigation is full of shit. If Muller DOES go over to Russia then we know there are some legs to the investigation....

Mueller is not going to go to Russia. 

I know this because only one movie is showing the reality for what it is. Common sense would tell us both (regardless of our politics) that a detective will go to where the leads are. Mueller has already pointed to 24? Russians and Mueller has already pointed to Russia colluding with the election, therefore, if Mueller was a REAL detective living in THE REAL world, then he would follow the REAL leads and take Putins offer.

Muller won't go to Russia.

And when he doesn't we will know definitively which of our movies is based in reality--simply based on the principle of real detective work. We can agree on this point right? 

3. Why Are Americans So Addicted to War? 

So, again I ask, why can't we be friends with Russia? The same people that are against the war in Iraq and Afghanistan (basically all of us) are the same people who want to continue having war with North Korea and Russia...doesn't that seem odd to you? Why would you on one hand say, we need to end war! And then turn around explclaiming 'but war with xyz country is a GRRRRREAAT thing!' 

So, perhaps let's just cool off and agree that President Trump may or may not be the President we WISHED for, however, none of us WISH for another war with Russia.

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