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Monday, August 6, 2018

Medical Fundraiser for Bill & Martha Wood!

Wanda Frazier write:

I am continually updating the board board shown below!
Thank you to everyone who has pitched in so far!! It makes me happy!!!

LI am helping host a medical fundraiser for Bill & Martha Wood who are local friends and

I’ve got a “square board” for $20 a square.. winners will be drawn after all the squares have sold.

First winner drawn will get $500, 2nd winner will get $300 & 3rd winner will get $200. The rest of the money will go to Bill & Martha for medical expenses or whatever they need right now

Please contact me here or messenger or text if you’d like to help with this fundraiser.

We (myself and some other friends are working on having another fundraiser around mid August.. details are still being worked on but I will let you know when it’s finalized.

Thanks in advance! Please contact me at

907-401-0223 or find me on Facebook

(SIDE NOTE—the pink highlights is just my records so I will remember who paid)

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