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Friday, August 10, 2018

Natives Rising: Ever Notice How the Villains in Our Lives Never Believe They are?

Natives Rising writes from their Facebook page:
Thought for the Day~Ever notice how the villains in our lives never believe they are? I have a brother for instance who will happily eat whatever food he comes across whether it belongs to someone else or not. A hungry person's only protection around him is the hope he has already stuffed himself into a stupor.

It is well known if one is running late for dinner and he is anywhere in the picture one might as well stop by the drive thru first because there will be no plate waiting for very long.

Here is where it gets interesting: Ask him why he ate the wedding cake before the Big Day and he will look blank for a moment and say he was hungry and the cake was there looking delicious. Zero responsibility on his part and on the part of whomever did not take him into account when deciding where to store anything edible.

The real challenge is to see how we do essentially the same thing to other people. If someone has any enemy who is observably peaceful and friendly to most anyone else it is safe to assume that person has "eaten the wedding cake without realizing it.

It would be an enlightening but maybe uncomfortable experience to ask our friends how we may have stepped on their toes without meaning to. We will probably come away amazed they tolerate us at all and have more gratitude that such people populate our lives.

Your friendly neighborhood Ravenspeaker

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