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Wednesday, October 3, 2018

[Editorial] How I Incidentally PISSED OFF My Readers and Why I Did What I Did....

Enough of a Click Bait Title? Ok.

Yesterday, I posted a comic on Facebook that has been making its way around the MSM that rightfully made people very angry. I'm a bit of a troll and I knew that it would trigger people, what I should have done, however, is explained in the comments when I posted the strip why I did it.

I posted it to highlight what the "other side" finds "funny." Clearly it's NOT funny and attacking politician's children is wrong, remember what "they" did to Baron Trump?

So, when I saw the "other side" attacking Brett Kavanaugh's daughter in a "comic," I was as saddened as many of you were and the reason why I wanted to share it:

Believe it or not, I actually try to keep POW Report balanced and because this Licensed News Site is geared towards Prince of Wales I also try not to give too many personal political commentaries. Which is why last month, I finally decided to make my own Political Blog that is biased and frees me to talk about what ever I want, while keeping POW Report more focused on local issues.

If the Comic PISSED YOU OFF follow me on my personal website because chances are your politics will align very well there. For example, I just recently wrote an article on why Lisa Murkowski will vote YES on Brett Kavanaugh.

Running a news website will piss people off. There's no way around it. So, I want to thank you for reading and sharing the stories and I want to encourage you to donate as little as $1 a month to help me keep going.

Thanks for your support!

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