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Sunday, October 28, 2018

Trooper Report Week of October 21, 2018

For those that are wondering why there is an October 1st update. The Troopers sometimes take a while to make an investigation and then post. So, this was posted last week and I reported it! 

Location: Prince of Wales

Type: Fail to Register For Sea Cucumber Fishery
Dispatch Text:

On 10/1/2018, Alaska Wildlife Troopers (AWT) contacted the FV Silly Business in the McKenzie Inlet area of District 2 during the sea cucumber commercial dive fishery. AWT’s investigation revealed the captain and permit holder, Robert Duncanson, 49 of Meyers Chuck, had failed to registered the vessel through ADF&G for the sea cucumber fishery. Duncanson was issued a strict liability citation for the violation and given a court date in the District Court in Klawock.

Location: Klawock

Type: Fail to Validate Harvest Ticket
Dispatch Text:

On 10/26/2018, Prince of Wales AST contacted 30 year old Klawock resident Kolton Tipton at his residence in Klawock. Investigation revealed that Tipton harvested a deer near Hydaburg on or about 10/23/2018 and failed to validate his harvest ticket. Tipton was issued a $160 citation for failing to validate harvest ticket.

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