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Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Ketchikan Humane Society is Helping Fund Raise for Animals Affected in the California Fires

The Ketchikan Humane Society with the assistance of First Bank has set up "the Animals of California Wildfires" account to help the animals who are caught up in the worst wild fire in modern times. KHS is asking for your help beyond the needs of our community.

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The Camp Fire in Northern California as of Sunday, 11/18/2018, the fire has burned 149,500 acres of land and killed 76 people with another 1300+ unaccounted for more that a week it started. It is the same fire that pretty much burned the town of Paradise, CA off the map. The fire has destroyed over 9700 homes and 2900 commercial and other buildings.

In the fire’s path of destruction, thousands of helpless animals were trapped. The ones who survived are burned, hungry, and are in shock. There are many deserving groups that are working nonstop to find, triage, evacuate, care, and try to rejoin them to their families. This group that KHS has chosen to assist is doing all of that and more.

The Camp Fire is literally in their back yard.

The North Valley Animal Rescue Group ( and they are on Facebook too) work with
emergency services to educate the public about disaster preparedness and assist in sheltering and
evacuation of animals during a disaster.

They also work jointly with public and private agencies and organizations in the North Valley to promote the safety and well-being of all domestic animals and farm animals, including wildlife, affected by the disaster.  With emergency temporary sheltering, evacuation, medical care, identification for reuniting animals with their owners or adopting into good suitable permanent homes. This will be accomplished by utilizing volunteers who have completed the disaster preparedness training provided by the NVADG, educating governmental and non-governmental agencies and animal owners about the importance of disaster preparedness and scheduling exercises and disaster drills.

Currently the all-volunteer, all-donation-supported NVADG has over 50 teams behind the fire lines
evacuating, feeding and watering animals. Veterinarians are with them providing emergency animal
care/triage as well. Teams are transferring animals just outside the evacuation road-blocks to emergency response volunteers who are transporting animals to the emergency shelters.

There is currently a big out-pour of support for the displaced caused by the fires. Once the fires are out and the news trucks go home much of that support is going to go away just as quick. KHS’s plan is to release the money to them by Christmas to help with the long road to recovery.

The Holidays are a time of giving. The Ketchikan Humane Society is asking everyone to give a little to show that Ketchikan and Southeast, Alaska cares both near and far. Thank you and bless you on behalf of the animals that we as a community can help!

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