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Thursday, November 1, 2018

New City of Craig Council Members and MORE ST. Nick TAXES!!!

Some things just never change

We've all known that kid (or were that kid) that simply never did what you wanted them to do:

"Johnny clean up your room!"

Johnny doesn't clean up and when you finally blow up at him after days of asking he [reluctantly] cleans up BUT the next day the room is back to a mess.

"Jaimie leave me alone i'm reading a book!" you exclaim.

Jaimie runs away and then runs back to the room five times (constantly annoying you) until you finally explode from frustration. Jaimie then cries and you now feel bad and tell her to come back into the room and console her.

Governments are Johnny and Jaimie. They have perfected the art of annoying their residents and continuing to disturb you till you finally either give up and let them do what they want or they continue to harass you until you finally relent and open up your pocket books.

The City of Craig has now been on a two year quest--with two different mayors and two different city councils--to tax Port St. Nick. Now I don't know about the residents of St. Nick, I feel bad for them because they must be as tired of hearing about these damn taxes as I am writing about them! I know, I know the sacrifices I make.

In reality, the City has been trying for decades to annex St. Nick and have been unsuccessful, however, one can also argue that they didn't try all that hard because the economy and the budget was more or less stable. Hypothetically, the previous Mayor also didn't want to really disturb the peace between the communities.

Perhaps, it's just me, this time I sense a real shift on the City Councils attempt to tax St. Nick and if the residents don't stand up, the road fee will become a maintenance fee 2.0 and before you know it there will be a property "fee" (aka property tax).

Am I wrong? I very well could be, i'm just a lowly, lowly reporter.

Anyway the City Council Meeting is Thursday, November 1st at 7pm.

[Read the Agenda and Minutes Here]

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