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Monday, November 5, 2018

POW Marathon Reveals it's 2019 Design

Courtesy of POW Marathon FB 
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This piece of the poster is an important one as it reveals both the creature feature for the 2019 Marathon events, as well as the color of the shirts.

2019 will feature a land creature from Prince of Wales Island. Our own Ronnie Fairbanks has provided his native wolf design to be featured on poster, shirts, medals, and plaques for the top three finishers of our seven events.

Our creature will be featured on a navy blue shirt with teal accents.

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The committee in addition writes;

We learned this weekend that our very first FULL MARATHON REGISTRANT, Kari Novelli, from San Jose, CA, will be running our POW Marathon to complete her 50th State! We are excited to welcome her to our island.

And our news feed continues this morning from Toni Gannon, our online guru: We had four more participants sign up for the half marathon over the weekend, all local -
Stephanie Jurries, Barbara Fithian, Mary Hailey and Gayle Townsend.

Our first local marathoner signed up as well, John Smith, from Klawock, who may have a medal from all the previous 19????

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