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Wednesday, December 12, 2018

CHS Students Do Well at the Local Academic Decathlon Meet

The Craig High School hosted an Academic Decathlon event over the weekend with the Craig team doing exceptionally well. Academic Decathlon is a program that focuses on a variety of different topics and skills including art, economics, essay, interview, language and literature, mathematics, music, science or social science, and speech.

Among the Craig Team, the overall high scores were Hannah in 4th place and Wayne in 6th place.

Other Scores:

Essay: Arianna 1. Kaylie 6, Aaron 8, Wyeth 10
Social Science: Hannah 2, Wayne 7th
Science: Wayne 2nd, Nathan 3rd, Kaylie 7th, Terren 7th,Hannah 8, Kinsley 10, Wyeth 10
Art: Hannah 2nd, Wyeth 6th, Kinsley 7
Econ: Wyeth 5, Wayne 6, Kaylie 6, Hannah 7, Arianna 8, Nathan 9, Tristin 10
Literature: Hannah 2, Nathan 4, Wyeth 5, Kinsley 5, Wayne 7, Damien 7, Jalyn 10
Speech: Wyeth 7, Dayna 9
Interview: Nathan 3rd, Wayne 5, Dayna 6, Kennedy 10
Music: Kinsley 4th, Hannah 5th, Wyeth 7, Wayne 9, Kinsely 10

POW Report would like to congratulate everyone for their success and can confidently state that ACDC has helped this editor gain many skills in life!

Craig High School commented on Facebook:

We are proud of our decathletes A special shout out to Mrs. Hughes and the many volunteers who read essays, and helped to judge speech and interview! Thank you to Mr. Reitan for reading the Super Quiz questions as well.

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