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Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Representative Kreiss-Tomkins Makes a Comment on the Klawock Airport Plowing Controversy

POW Report has written on the Klawock Airport Plowing scandal earlier in the fall [here]. The short story, long version is that state DOT retroactively changed their policies to stop plowing after 1pm and start charging local airlines $1,000 an HOUR after 1pm. Clearly this action is no sustainable and locals raised concerns on this issue. The DOT was forced to make changes to their policies in light of local concerns.

Representative Kreiss-Tomkins has made a statement:

Friends and partners on Prince of Wales —

As many of you know, I'm pleased to share that there's positive marginal change on the Klawock Airport after hours plowing issue, although we're not all the way to where we want to go. I wanted to shoot out this note to close the loop with many of you all who've been in touch these last few months.

The attached letter from Governor Walker's team outlines the details of the updated policies.

In short: the call-out fee for after hours plowing was significantly reduced; DOT&PF's daily hours of operation on POW during this winter season and future winter seasons were extended; more overtime was authorized.

These changes are reflective of Scott's awesome work as well as our office's and others' work and especially the outpouring of support from the communities and leaders across Prince of Wales.

We'll be working hard on behalf of POW during the upcoming legislative session to move toward securing a long-term solution for the Klawock Airport. We'll keep you posted.

In the meantime, please reach out to John [] in my office with any questions, comments, or concerns.

Take care (and more to come),


P.S. The dialogue around after hours plowing at the Klawock Airport led to a win for rural communities around Alaska. After DOT officials took a hard look at how their after hours service policy affected the Klawock Airport, they revised their statewide policy, reducing the cost of after hours services at all rural airports. At least for me, this is an unexpected and welcome outcome.

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