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Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Mayor of Klawock Charged With Soliciting Prostitution

This article originally appeared on KRBD:

According to the complaint filed last Thursday by Craig Police Chief R.J. Ely, Officer Bryan Bixler received a report on January 1st, that 36-year-old Lawrence Armour allegedly contacted a woman, via Facebook Messenger, seeking sex in exchange for $400.

Officer Bixler obtained documentation on January 3rd of the alleged Facebook Messenger exchange. In the conversation, Armour stated he would pay for sex if the woman came to his residence, and allegedly sent the woman $400 using a Visa credit card.

Craig Police Department contacted Armour on January 7th and he allegedly admitted offering to pay for sex, sending money via Facebook Messenger, and advising the woman to meet him at residence, but the woman did not show up. According to the officer, Armour said he was remorseful and admitted he had been drinking prior to the interaction with the woman.

Lawrence is to appear in court Wednesday

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