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Friday, February 8, 2019

Natives Rising on Identity Politics

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Thought for the day~ Identity politics pretends to be about defending an underserved interest group. For the American Indian it is a particularly dangerous con job. For it to be real a person has to believe all of his problems are the result of his identify or the identity of his favorite enemy. Its "Us versus Them "and it wins a lot of votes while making everybody hate everyone else.

The Identity politican cares nothing about the interests of American Indians but loves our votes. He comes to the pow wow pretending to want to fight for us and promises mightily to think about us more next term than he did last term. The smart tribal member will demand proof.

Anyone who thinks there is a political party that just loves NDNs or another one who just hates us and wants us all dead has their work cut out for them to prove it. A speech here or there where some loud mouth said this or that someone else wrote for him won't cut it. What did the party as a whole do and what were the results and were they results that were promised? That's all that matters.

A careful examination reveals nobody just loves us and nobody just hates us. There's just a lot of empty talk that leads to no good or bad changes in NDN country.

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