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Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Over Sized PFD Payments Will Harm Alaska...LOL

I know what you're thinking, did he really just use "Lol" in a headline?

Answer: Yes. Yes I did, because you didn't read [this jewel] from a Sitka resident...I'm only going to take a few snippets because the argument is so sad i'm saddened to even post it and I know dear reader that you don't like journalists to be sad, so here goes:

My name is Jeff Budd and I am very concerned for Sitka and the rest of Alaska’s communities given the governors budget and it implications, and the huge PFD.

At Tuesday’s city assembly meeting, Mayor Paxton reminded Sitkans that passing a state budget is a process that takes several months to complete. Governor Dunleavy’s budget is still a proposal, not a finished product.

As a longtime Sitkan who is deeply concerned with the potential damage that the governor’s proposed budget would do to our community, I take heart in Mayor Paxton’s words. I’m also reminded I have the right and responsibility to participate in my government when I see an administration with ideas that I feel are harmful.

I believe the oversized PFD payments the governor proposes will harm Alaska. These back payments from previous years will come at the expense of our schools, ferry system and other essential resources we can’t do without.

1. How selfish is Jeff to profit from Alaska's PFD for decades and then deny that same happiness he enjoyed every fall to our sons and daughters who are the future of Alaska.

2. I made a surprisingly controversial post on Facebook when the Governor's budget first came out [here] in it, I wrote (among other smart things):

Look people, Alaska is the Canary in the coal mine, if you think this is bad, consider yourself lucky that you live in Alaska and not Down South where the cities and states are bankrupt and filled with foreigners and typhoid outbreaks.

Alaska prides itself on 'being tough' well grow some ovaries and testicles and toughen up and learn to subsist on your own intelligence and smart decision making.

3. "I have the right and responsibility to participate in my government when I see an administration with ideas that I feel are harmful."

I maybe an OLD FASHIONED Millennial, however, I remember a time--long time ago--at least 10 years ago, when men didn't FEEL, they used their IQ and Logic and THOUGHT about the future and their children and grandchildren and what they would leave for them. Instead, it appears that Boomers, like Budd, are lining up along side 46% of other Boomers and forfeiting their legacy and inheritance that should be going to their kids and instead taking short term narcissistic actions that only selfishly benefit them.

A big difference between the sexes, that women are well aware of, is that women really care about their childrens future. Children are vulnerable, they are innocent prey to the many predators of the world and mothers have an intrinsic instinct to protect their children at all costs. Because mothers have no worries about wolves taking their child in 2019, they now have to worry about the political predatory politicians stealing the future and let me ask Jeff Budd's wife (if he has one) a serious question;

Would you rather give your kids a pfd for 18 years and save it in a bank and give them 30K+ when they graduate or strip them of their heritage for a road and a ferry that they barely use?

It's a legitimate question and one all mothers who have sons and daughters should ask themselves. I UNDERSTAND that education is important and I UNDERSTAND that k-12 and especially the University System has taken a hit in the proposed budget cuts. However, school is not a BABY SITTING INSTITUTION! If you believe that your child isn't getting the proper education at school...here is a novel idea...TEACH THEM YOURSELF. Americans like Budd seem to have forgotten that nearly all of these cushy government programs where invented in the 1970's, now I don't want to judge Jeff too harshly, but I must ask, dear sir,

How did you learn to write such an eloquent letter to the editor when the Department of Education wasn't invented until 1979 and before you graduated from school?

Based on what your ideology dictates, you should not even be able to read and write or even exist because  "we can't do without" the Department of Education (invented in 1979).  Or how about the Alaska Marine Highway...please dear reader...riddle me this:

How did Alaska Native Peoples survive before the Alaska Marine Highway was commissioned in 1951?

How did Alaskan's survive before the Alaska Department of Transportation was created in 1975?

So many questions and so little answers. Now I know what the second thing you are thinking is, dear reader:

How did Alaskans survive before the PFD?

POW Report has the best readers and the BEST hate mail (bar-none!) and the best questions. The answers to all the questions are of course:

We survived

The difference in importance between your question on the PFD and Jeff  "I Feel like drinking" Budd is that the PFD is a rare experiment (much like the US Constitution) in the Government trusting it's citizens and wanting them to prosper from the State's wealth. And Alaskans DO prosper and HAVE prospered in the small yearly life-line that is the permanent fund dividend. Taking that away from the economically poor in this state isn't helping Alaska Budd. It's Harming Alaska.

Now Here is What You can Do: 

Agree or disagree with my excellent editorial there is public testimony today on the PFD payback. So write me hate mail AND also share this post so others in the state may call with their opinion on the subject to the legislature:


On Thursday, February 28, Senate State Affairs will be reviewing: SB23 – “An Act making special appropriations from the earnings reserve account for the payment of permanent fund dividends” – this is the payback of the full dividend from 2016-2018, which would reduce funds within the earnings reserve and begin payments in FY21 SB24 – “An Act directing the Department of Revenue to pay dividends to certain eligible individuals” – determining eligibility based on past and future dates.

While the Committee hearing begins at 3:30pm, public testimony is anticipated at 6:00pm.
Participate from your local LIO – http://akleg.gov/lios.phpJuneau – 586-9085, Anchorage – 563-9085, Other, 1-844-586-9085.

For legal reasons this isn't an attack on any individuals named Jeff and simply an opinion on a political issue

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