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Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Craig Cannery Planning Committee [May 23th]

Special Planning workshop is scheduled for Thursday May 23rd at 6pm at Craig City Hall, regarding the Cannery property, as it relates to the new harbor design.

Sharilyn Zellhuber writes:

As a member of the planning commission, I could really use some help from the public on what to do with the buildings at the cannery site.

I recognize there are strong feelings of keeping the history, and yet I also recognize the need for some future revenue on that property. I like the idea of lots of green space and places to walk, but also know there will be a need for harbor parking and other harbor related buildings and road access to those needs.
Can you help me work through the list of buildings on site and provide some very specific input on what to do with each building?

Some examples:

Save the building because of it’s historic value -
spend the money to make it safely habitable
use the building as a …… (museum? harbor office? library? ??)
Leave it right where it is because… …
Ok to move it if we retain …….
Create a new building in it’s image -
make sure you retain this feature ….. because…..
make it larger/smaller to use the building as a………
Keep using this building as we have been -
do we need to add public facilities?
what improvements should be considered?
will we need to reserve parking space near it?
Ok to sell/move this building -
because it has less historic value?
because it’s condition is unsafe or too deteriorated?
because I know the perfect person/organization that wants to use it
We should tear this building down -
it is not worth repairing because…..
it will be in the way of ………

I would also love to see any drawings of a ‘grand scheme’ for the entire site - can we create a mixed use area containing some small businesses, marine businesses, artist spaces, apartment building(s), community library, farmers market area? A re-vamped downtown area accessible/useable by all.
Keep in mind, how we would keep, move, or rebuild cannery buildings as part of any grand scheme.
I look forward to hearing from you at our April and May Planning Commission meetings.

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