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Sunday, June 9, 2019

Introducing Prince of Wales New Realty Business

Bradley Clark Exp Realty Alaska

I moved here last fall and have been winding down my law practice as I still have a few cases which I handle remotely with staff in California.

I visited here with my wife in 2015 and we both fell in love with the island. The marriage didn't work out but as the divorce finalized we wanted to move to Prince of Wales. I had planned to move here when I retired and with an 8 year old child, long distance custody plans are full of problems. So I assessed my law practice and realized that not only would I enjoy the last years of my working life better here. I also realized by taking that risk to move now as opposed to retirement I would probably live longer and happier. So, I did it. My ex moved to North Thorne Bay and I live in South Thorne Bay. It works out great as we share custody of our daughter.

Funny things about law and real estate that I learned is that because of sovereign immunity, Native American tribes can sue anyone in our federal courts but the person or entity can not sue them back because the United States does not have jurisdiction to hear the counter suit--moral of the story be good to the Native American tribes.

Exp is the largest and fastest growing agent owned real estate company in America and Canada. It is cloud based and all the agents have their own home office. Because the company is entirely geared for remote operations from home offices, it is the perfect company for someone working on Prince of Wales Island. I can offer an international lead and referral base from the comforts of home, which is valuable to my clients.

So while I am not hiring new agents myself, I can assist agents joining Exp anywhere in the country or Canada and mentor them.

I'm a former century 21-franchise owner with 3-5 offices and 50 plus agents, as well as, a former real estate attorney in California.

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