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Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Why is Alaska Rated 50th in Fewest Job Opportunities?

Source: WalletHub

From a WalletHub Survey: Alaska is ranked close to last in nearly every employment metric

An Alaskan from Facebook explains what we could do to help improve the numbers:

Kill the government bloat, ADF&G, the ferry system, DOT, stop endangering our already tenuous economy with the threat of taxes, and stealing our PFD.

Unfetter the use of our lands. Open up the use of our lands for mineral exploration and use. We are a massively resource rich state, we should be leveraging that. China is currently still the world leader in exporting rare earth metals, let's see if we can rival that, responsibly.

Advertise for tourism, incentivise tour companies. Draw them in to explore our land, break the monopoly of Princess over the Denali, or open new spots to explore with new road systems.

Dump the tax rates on all industry. Let them hire, actually give them reasons to hire locally too. Let the economy breathe for a while.

This would also help curb the pending housing crash, we need more bodies in the state, let's give them a reason to be there.

My Take:

I don't buy the numbers in this study. Yes, it seems to be very well done however, it just doesn't seem to show what's actually happening in Alaska and particularly Southeast, Alaska.


A former Boomer co-worker once insulted me by asking, "Arthur what are you still doing on Prince of Wales?" The implication being that I was wasting my life here and I should be moving away and working as a cog in some soulless corporation in some soulless big city in the soulless South.

How insulting.

This Boomer coworker is an example of why they have failed their kids and shows why Alaska is in need of workers so badly--even on POW. You see, instead of encouraging our kids to stay in Alaska and grow our economy and business' we (the Boomers) encouraged the kids to leave for 'better opportunities'. So what happened? We brain-drained our towns. We took the best. The Smartest. The most handsome and exported them outside of Alaska and now are wondering, why isn't our economy growing? 

Well duh, you sent away the smartest kids from home what do you think is going to happen when the hardest working people leave our towns?


Another facet that isn't addressed is the drug issue. I know that it's not popular to go against the Marijuana industry, however, Marijuana is an evil drug for the youth. It makes us docile, it makes us lazy and dare I say that it makes us retarded. I'm not going to argue about the medical benefits because AS AN OLDER PERSON, clearly there are benefits--many of you have used this drug and it works.

That said, there is NO medical benefit for using Marijuana when you are young. By definition, you are healthy and all that smoking weed does is lower your testosterone and make you fail the drug test so you can't actually get a job.

It's not rocket science people. That's what is plaguing our poor job growth and opportunities; lazy stoners who are encouraged to be lazy stoners by society.

Am I wrong?

What's your solution?

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