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Sunday, August 18, 2019

POW Local Jeff Sheakley Wins a Rasmuson Award

In May, the Rasmuson Foundation announced 25 "Project Award" winners and 10 "Fellowship" recipients, as well as, a 2019 Individual Artist award out of 317 applications. From those applicants Prince of Wales' own artist Jeff Sheakley was acknowledged with a Project Award for his artistry in traditional jewelry making.

Photo courtesy of Mr. Sheakely
Sheakley hand-carves precious metal jewelry in traditional Tlingit and Haida formlines, continuing family and cultural traditions.

Jeffery Paul Sheakley Jr. is half Tlingit and half Haida raised on Prince of Wales Island in Southeast Alaska and was greatly influenced by elders, cultural bearers, and tribal leaders from throughout the Southeast Alaska Region.

Over the years he has studied various mediums in wood carving, painting, northwest coast design, weaving with cedar/spruce, and in 2015 discovered a passion for metalsmithing, chasing and Repoussé.

Using metalsmith hand carving techniques and traditional form line design of Tlingit and Haida Culture he creates one a kind pieces of jewelry that symbol his cultural background to be appreciated by all cultures around the world and a way to pass on knowledge of the art to future generations through a modern medium.

His original works of art are exhibited across fine gift shops/galleries across Southeast Alaska, considered highly collectable and apart of private collections throughout the world. 

As a self-taught metal smith, he describes his work/creativity as gift from the great spirits of the shinning heavens and describes his art as “a personal journey of expression based on generations of traditional beauty.”

You may visit his Facebook page show-casing his art and behind the scenes work [here].

When POW Report asked Jeffery what he plans on doing with the award funding he replied,

[W]ith the funding I purchased and set up a new dust collestion system, health and safetly equipment, stone setting equipment, soldering tools, and a furnance/kiln to re-utilize scrape silver.

Indeed, earlier last week a nice vice came in for his studio:

"New engraving vise came in today. Very big upgrade from my old block."

Prince of Wales is very grateful to have such talented people living on the island and we congratulate Mr. Sheakley for his great work!

Applications for the 2020 Project Awards and Fellowships open Jan. 15. Nominations for the next Distinguished Artist will be accepted starting Oct. 1. Forms and guidelines are available online or by request. Want to know more about the program and application process? Visit www.rasmuson.org/iaa

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