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Sunday, August 18, 2019

Natives Rising: Ethical Blindspot

Natives Rising is one of my favorite people to follow and you may do so [here]. Below is an excerpt from his page:

More thoughts about People~ There is a special kind of ethical blind spot that is terrifically damaging because it seems to coming from kindness. Often times the people who do this are completely unaware of the harm they cause because they are so certain they are actually doing good.

It happens when a person observes someone doing bad or destructive things and not wanting to be judgmental comes up with reasons for the offender why it was all ok. We see this in all the murderers and terrorists who get love letters while they are in prison from women who think they can be saved.
It is of course perfectly reasonable to call this a type of blindness. We refuse to believe the bad actor next to us is actually a bad person most likely because if we saw them for what they were we would have to act.

Since we usually have to act anyway once our habit of enabling their bad behavior gets far out of everyone's control wouldn't it be easier on even the potential criminal if we admitted there is something intolerable about how they behave that must be corrected immediately?

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