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Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Interview with Don Nickerson for Klawock Mayor

If you are a candidate running for office in Klawock or around this Island and would like to submit your reasons for running (and a picture) email

Do you feel you are qualified to serve as mayor of Klawock?

Answer- Yes, I feel very confident I can represent the community of Klawock. I believe I have the experience to fulfill the job for mayorship!

What challenges or priorities do see as mayor of Klawock?

Answer- There are many answers to this specific question:

A) the City of Klawock is a first class city, it is important we are current with our financial audits, and do meet all requirements of all audits as a first class city.

B) the City of Klawock has many government entities in our community, we have our schools, SEARHC, Klawock Cooperative Association, Tlingit and Haida to name a few. To move forward as a first class city we must all work together. Each entity does have different financial avenues and it is important to open our doors and work with one another. The state is in a financial challenge and working together is important to the members of this community.

C) Public safety is definitely a priority. We have issues in our community, it’s even island wide now. The Klawock police department is a priority. The council and mayor must ensure they have all proper equipment, training and workforce to task these issues. It is important we feel safe in our own communities. Working together with the council and administration, we can priortize and definitely address these issues. The Klawock volunteer fire department is in need of equipment. It is important all needs are met with our public safety departments. Definitely a priority.

D) Economic development is key to revenue for the City of Klawock. The city definitely needs more city tax to fulfill the obligation of a first class city. Working with the council thru development planning will definitely generate a stronger tax base to fulfill services in Klawock. It is key to utilize grant funding for economic development, of course this will take planning and data by the city council and administration to make any and all grants successful.

What are your goals if you are elected mayor?

Answer- To work with the administration and present an agenda to move forward to make the City of Klawock sustainable. It is important that the mayor and administration work together at the direction on the city council. The council does represent the people of this community and their voice at the table will always be a priority for decisions and direction.

Any Other Comments Don?

Answer- It is important to have stability as mayor. I do have the support from my wife Trina and two adult children Heather and Josh--it is important to me to have that stability and support.

I encourage all residents to vote!! I humbly request your support for this year’s city election October 1st, 2019. The polls do open at 8am and close at 8pm. Make your vote count.

Don Nickerson for Klawock Mayor. Thank you for your support!

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