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Thursday, September 19, 2019

Low-Life Scum Drilling Gas Tanks and Stealing Fuel at the Klawock, Airport

First, they came for the bicycles and you thought..."I have no bikes so I won't speak out." 

Then they came for your vehicle gas tank and drilled a hole in it at the Klawock, Airport and it was too late! YOU WERE STRANDED!

Williams Kupaaq on September 16th writes:

Not only was my truck targeted for drilling gas tanks but my light bar like the photo was also stolen. I just noticed it. If you see anyone with a new curved lightbar on a rig please let me know.

Ann Fitch-Williams also writes on Facebook:

For the victims of these crimes, that appear to have happened around the weekend of September 15th, the tanks were NOT 'stabbed', there was about a 1/2" drill bit that bore a hole from the bottom of the tank. Now that these crimes have been reported, it probably won't happen again at the Klawock Airport. However, anecdotally petty theft from vehicles is also on the rise around the Island:

Anita Williams:

Lots of theft going on lately. Someone actually stole my cigs and silver butane lighter from my truck at north cove in Craig last week. Hope I see them using my lighter
Winter is coming and the thieves will probably get braver as things get colder.

I for one will be locking my doors, storage shed and car.


For those that may be wondering, the camera at Island Air wasn't able to see the entire parking lot and there has been a reflex on social media to blame or hold Island Air responsible. It isn't their fault just like if you were robbed in your house, it's not the houses' fault for the robbery. The fault belongs on the criminals and if you have any tips or information please contact the Prince of Wales Troopers at 907-826-2918

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