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Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Senator Sullivan Does Not Support US Withdrawal from Syria

From the Senators Facebook:

As I have explained before, I do not support the planned withdrawal of U.S. troops from Syria. However, as it proceeds, it’s important to recognize that one of the most dangerous maneuvers for an American ground force is to withdraw from an established position under fire.

Our Syrian, Iranian and Russian adversaries know this – and are likely to try to inflict casualties on American troops in the coming days. President Trump, Secretary of Defense Esper, and our new chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Milley, should be sending a warning to these countries AND Turkey, that any targeting or killing of American forces by them or their proxies will be met in kind, or worse for them – as the Trump administration did in 2018, when Russian proxies were warned to stay clear of U.S. special forces in Syria. When they didn’t heed this warning, our military destroyed and killed hundreds of them. If necessary, we should be prepared to do it again.

In a series of tweets from President Trump has led to an apparent quick and immediate withdrawal from Syria that has the Corporate Politik panicking.


An RT Arabic crew peeked inside the US compound in Syria’s Manbij, abandoned by the Americans just a few hours previously. Footage from the scene suggests the US troops were in a hurry, leaving behind hardware and personal items.

The troops pulled out of the base, located southwest of the northern city of Manbij, overnight and into Tuesday. The retreat follows the decision by the US President Donald Trump to withdraw American personnel in the face of the Turkish operation against Kurdish-led militias.

The troops have, apparently, been leaving in a rush – furniture, personal belongings and even an unfinished supper can be seen left behind. More sensitive equipment, however, appears to have been dismantled.

Some thoughts from readers on Sullivan's post

The irony of all this, of course, is that the same people who are accusing Russia and Ukraine of 'Foreign Interference' are A-OK with interfering in foreign countries like Syria.

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