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Friday, January 10, 2020

If Power Is Out Call AT&T Not Too Facebook

There is a phenomenon in human psychology called the Bystander Effect. Infamously, when a crime is occurring and a group of bystanders are present often they do not call the police because they assume someone else has called the police for them. The net affect is that the crime occurs and law enforcement never shows up.

Because of record snow fall over the last week, many power-outages have been occurring. If you witness something, please call AT&T do NOT post on Facebook or other social media.

AT&T writes:

Just a reminder for all POW residents - AP&T does not monitor Facebook for power-related emergencies. Please call 826-3202 and press 3 to report a power outage, trees down, branches in the line, or any other incident you might observe affecting the power lines. Our dedicated crews have been extremely busy restoring power, patrolling the lines and performing maintenance 24/7 the last few days which likely will continue through the weekend. We appreciate your patience and cooperation as we work hard to keep your lights on.

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