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Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Partial Communication Coverage Restored in Prince William Sound, Alaska

KODIAK, Alaska - The Coast Guard has restored VHF-FM communications within the majority of Prince William Sound. The vicinity of western Prince William Sound, Wells Passage, Whittier and Passage Canal are still without VHF-FM coverage and are awaiting repairs.

Technicians restored communications coverage for a majority of Prince William Sound, but Coast Guard watchstanders continue to experience communication outages in the vicinity of western PWS, Wells Passage, Whittier and Passage Canal, and may not be able to hear mariners on VHF-FM radio. Coast Guard outages do not effect mariners' ability to hear other mariners on VHF-FM radio.

The Coast Guard urges mariners to listen more carefully to channel 16 and to relay any possible distress calls to the Coast Guard via other means, such as High Frequency radio, satellite communications and cell phones.

The Coast Guard continues to experience intermittent outages throughout the state and urges all mariners transiting through Alaskan waterways to remain vigilant and have redundant means of emergency communication, such as:

• Satellite messengers
• Cellphone, when in range
• Satellite phone
• High frequency radio communications on 4,125 kHz, 6,215 kHz, and 8,291 kHz
• DSC-equipped radios that are registered with a Maritime Mobile Service Identity (MMSI) number and have GPS activated

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