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Thursday, February 27, 2020

2018 Alaska Felony Sex Registry Information is Out

The 2018 Department of Public Safety statistics on sex registry are out [here]. Below is a snippet from the report. Caution should be exercised in comparing data between Felony Sex Offense statistics, Uniform Crime Reporting, and the Alaska Victimization Survey; they are separate data collection efforts with different methodologies in aggregating incidents, offenses, and victims.

> Reports of felony level sex offense incidents increased 19.5% in 2018 compared to 2017, and the number of reported victims increased 23.5%.

> The region of Western Alaska reported the highest rate of felony level sex offense incidents statewide, while Southeast Alaska reported the lowest rate.

> Over 55% of all reported victims were juveniles.

> Victims under the age of 11 most often reported being assaulted by a parent.

> Alaska Native females were reported to have the highest victimization rate of any gender or racial group, comprising 43.7% of all reported victims.

> The median age of female victims was 17, while the most common age was 15.

> The median age of male victims was 12, while the most common age was 4.

>In the reported relationships between the victims and suspects, less than 7% identified the suspect as a stranger. With victims under 11 years old, less than 2% of the relationships involved a stranger.

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