Trailer Fire in Klawock - P.O.W. Report

Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Trailer Fire in Klawock

On the 29th a trailer caught fire on B-Street in Mary Jackson Klawock. Nobody was home and no injuries occurred. The incident is under-investigation.

The following is a post and pictures from Klawock Mayor Nick Nickerson:

Great job Frank Peratrovich ,Sheldon Sammons,John Wylie,Anthony Charles and Bennet Charles, Doug Edenshaw, William Joseph, Machelle Dennis Nickerson, Corey Peratrovich and myself. Trailer fires are the most dangerous! They are death traps to the homeowner and the Fire Department. Containment is all that can be done and that is what was tasked by KVFD!

Thanks to Craig Fire Department and Klawock EMS also. To all trailer owners and homeowners make sure your smoke detectors and fire extinguishers are in working order.

A very big thank you to the awesome Folks of Mary Jackson subdivision, Sheri N John Wylie for the Gatorade and granola bars, Samantha and Will Evans for the smoked fish sandwiches, Emma Sampson for the hot coffee and Nick,Trina and Shòo Téen for the donuts.

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