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Thursday, April 23, 2020

Money. Money For Southeast

I honestly don't know what this money goes to. However, here is the money that Southeast communities have available to them. If I missed someone [click here] and/or send me a hate mail. 

CARES Act Funding

Governor Dunleavy announced the receipt of the $1.25 billion funding from the Federal Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act, and his plan for the distribution of funds. The Governor is submitting his plan and associated documents to the Alaska State Legislative Budget and Audit Committee.

“I look forward to putting this federal appropriation to work for Alaskan communities, businesses, and non-profits, as well as augmenting the Alaska Department of Health and Social Services ability to respond as the situation unfolds,” said Governor Dunleavy. “We’re hopeful that through this process we can help offset what this virus has done to Alaska and we fully trust our communities to meet the needs of their residents. Our goal is to get these distributions out sooner rather than later to the municipalities and different entities of Alaska who need help right now.”


  • Coffman Cove: 129,447
  • Craig: 1,769,934
  • Edna Bay: 88,936
  • Hollis: 75,000
  • Hydaburg: 240,854
  • Juneau: 53,210,942
  • Kasaan:101,251 
  • Ketchikan: 12,262,060
  • Klawock: 911,499
  • Metlakatla: 528,078
  • Naukati: 75,000
  • Saxman: 292,109
  • Sitka: 14,036,874
  • Thorne Bay: 572,601
  • Whale Pass: 93,473

As I said, no idea what this money goes to. However, it's free money.

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