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Friday, April 24, 2020

Two Fires, One in Ketchikan and One in Klawock

Klawock Trailer Fire:

Around 1:30am on Friday, a resident woke up to glass shattering and noises at a neighboring trailer located at the City Trailer Court Road and went to investigate to find a fire and called it in. The Klawock Volunteer Fire Department responded and the fire was extinguished around 2:20am with the building a total loss. 

From the Klawock Mayor:

Good morning, thank you Lord no one was in this trailer, especially in a trailer court. Trailers are the deadliest fires to respond to. You can only contain these kind of fires. As 6 of us responded, this fire was contained in 35 minutes. Thank you Chief Frank Peratrovich, Sheldon Sammons, Corey Peratrovich, Anthony Charles, Sheri N John Wylie and myself. Thank you Barry Peratrovich for bringing the needed man lift, EMS Responder George Nickerson for standing by and Irv Woods for coming out to assist. Thank you for all your time and dedication!

Ketchikan Fire:

An early morning fire broke out on the 60ft M/V Capella wooden live aboard Friday. The fire burned in a storage area located below deck. Ketchikan Fire crews used hand lines stretched from Engine 1 to extinguish the fire. Thomas St was blocked off for a short time as fire crews used a fire hydrant down the street. The fire was contained the vessel and there were no reported injuries to the occupants or first responders. Ketchikan Ports and Harbors, South Tongass Vfd, City of Ketchikan Police Department, U.S. Coast Guard Station Ketchikan , USCG Marine Safety Detachment , and The Red Cross assisted in the incident.

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