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Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Governor Opens up Intrastate Travel and Craig DMV to Open Friday

Governor Issues COVID-19 Health Mandate 18

May 12, 2020 (Anchorage, AK) – Alaska Governor Mike Dunleavy, with the Alaska Department of Health and Social Services has issued the State of Alaska’s 18th COVID-19 Health Mandate on Intrastate Travel.

COVID-19 Health Mandate 018 permits travel between communities on the road system and in-state travel by the Alaska Marine Highway System. Travel continues to be prohibited to communities off the road system that are not served by the Alaska Marine Highway System, except for travel supporting critical infrastructure or critical personal needs.

“In reviewing all health mandates, monitoring the evolving COVID-19 case data, and acknowledging the need for clarity, I am easing the restrictions on intrastate travel on the road system and communities serviced by AMHS by issuing COVID-19 Health Mandate 18,” said Governor Mike Dunleavy. “The hard work of all Alaskans over the past several months has significantly stalled the spread of this disease, allowing us to methodically reopen pieces of our economy.”

The Governor’s COVID-19 Health Mandates can be found here.
For the latest information on Alaska’s response to COVID-19, please visit

Craig City Hall Reopens to the Public

On May 7, 2020 the Craig City Council unanimously decided to lift Resolution 20-07, Stay in Place Advisory and Ordinance 725, Setting a Municipal Quarantine Policy In Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic Emergency. The council gave staff direction to begin opening City Facilities safely, while establishing health protocols for each individual facility.

On May 13, 2020 Craig City Hall will be open to the public. For the health and safety of the public and staff please read through the criteria below.
City Hall Requirements:

  •  No walk-ins are allowed at city hall. Please call 826-3275 to make an appointment or from the parking lot prior to entering the building.
  •  To maintain the 6 feet distance recommendation, we are requiring that the public call to make an appointment.
  •  You must wear a mask or other face covering when you enter City Hall or any city facilities.
  •  If you are sick in any form, please do not enter and call City Hall to complete any transactions or answer any questions you may have.
  •  When you come to City Hall for your appointment but someone is at the front counter, please wait outside until the front counter is empty and cleaned.

The City of Craig public park equipment is now open. The City of Craig will not be cleaning the playground equipment, please use it with caution and bring your own cleaning supplies.

The City of Craig will continue to monitor COVID-19 reports and information and provide links and up to date information about the City of Craig response at the city’s website. For information go to or

Craig DMV to Open on Friday

On May 15, 2020 Craig DMV will be open to the public. For the health and safety of the public and staff please read through the criteria below.

The DMV will be appointment only. Hours will be 10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. Fridays only, please call dispatch at 826-3330 to make an appointment. TSA, TWIC, and HAZMAT is by appointment via WEBSITE with your login; you MUST make your appointment online. TSA/TWIC/Hazmat is currently down for equipment repairs, but will be available when equipment is fixed.
DMV Requirements:

  •  Specifically ask for Traci regarding scheduling your DMV appointment.
  •  Keep 6 feet apart for social distancing.
  •  Must wear a mask while in the building, except for photos.
  •  NO Driving Tests at this time
  •  Non court ordered finger prints will only be available when staff is available, please call 826-3330 from the parking lot.

The drop off service is still available. Please continue utilizing this service when applicable to lower contact time.

Two new cases of COVID-19 reported in Juneau; one out-of-state case

May 12, 2020 ANCHORAGE — The Alaska Department of Health and Social Services (DHSS) today announced two new cases of COVID-19 in Juneau. This brings the total Alaska case count to 383.

These cases reflect data from 12:00 a.m. until 11:59 p.m. on May 11 that posted at noon today on the Alaska Coronavirus Response Hub.

One out-of-state case in the Municipality of Anchorage was also identified in a visitor to Alaska. Since the person is not an Alaska resident, it is not included in the total Alaska case count of 383. There have been a total of seven nonresident cases.

Of the two new Alaska cases, one is male and one is female. Both are aged 50-59. For more information see the City and Borough of Juneau’s press release. There have been a total of 38 hospitalizations and 10 deaths with no new hospitalizations or deaths reported yesterday. Recovered cases now total 334, including six new recovered cases recorded yesterday. A total of 29,961 tests have been conducted.

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