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Friday, May 15, 2020

[Job Posting] Emergency Services Coordinator

Thorne Bay is seeking applications for the position of Emergency Services Coordinator.

Job Title: Emergency Services Coordinator
Job Status: Non-Permanent Contracted Employee (2-year contract)
Pay Grade: Grade 5 – 6, Depending on Experience
Pay Rate: $39,000 to $45,000, Depending on Experience
Department: Emergency Services Department

Position Summary

Under the general direction of the City Administrator, the Emergency Services Coordinator is responsible for the overall readiness of all EMS equipment, supplies, and materials. The EMS Coordinator shall respond to calls, schedule EMS personnel, maintain EMS records, order supplies and equipment, and maintain a general orderliness and cleanliness of the EMS facility and response vehicles.


High school diploma or the equivalent preferred.
Must hold and maintain current credentials and teaching certifications including, but not limited to:
EMT I or higher.
Instructor Level for CPR, First Aid, ETT, and EMT-I, or ability to earn instructor level certifications within time limits set by the Mayor.
Must have at least two (2) years of full-time or volunteer experience, with an advanced working knowledge of ALS skills.
Have knowledge of medical CPT billing codes.
Must possess a valid Alaska Driver’s License.
Prior work experience must demonstrate reliability, honesty, and the ability to work with others.
The duties of the EMS Coordinator cover a wide spectrum of responsibilities. The work of the EMS Coordinator is often stressful and requires that independent decisions be made during tense situations.


Complete job description, qualifications/requirements, and job application are available at Thorne Bay City Hall, 120 Freeman Drive, Thorne Bay, AK 99919, or online at www.thornebay-ak.gov. Please submit completed applications to cityclerk@thornebay-ak.gov, or drop off at City Hall. Position is open until filled.

The City of Thorne Bay is an Equal Opportunity Employer


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