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Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Ketchikan Residents Set to Have a 4th of July "Protest" Parade

From Jason:

People of Ketchikan, please join me in protest of not having our annual Fourth of July Parade!!!!

In protest we will decorate our cars and trucks and trailers and busses and march on the Federal building!!!!

The protest will start behind Madison at 11am on July 4th and we will "Occupy" Tongass All the Way to the Federal Building and probably end up at Tatsudas showing our support there! I will be leading the march on a three wheeler and you are welcome to join me on 3 or 4 wheelers as we may have to move quickly to shut down side streets.

I for one refuse to have this tradition taken from us because of 6 or 7 pencil pushers who wanna tell us how to live our lives....THEY MAY TAKE THEIR PERMITS BUT THEY WILL NEVER TAKE OUR FREEDOM!!!!!!!

Ketchikan Chamber is planning a Home Decoration contest in lue of a parade:

Press Release: Ketchikan Chamber’s 4th of July Events Honoring HOMETOWN HEROES

During these last few months of planning, it has remained the Chamber’s consistent intent to bring a traditional Fourth of July Parade-style celebration to Ketchikan. We felt that we could do this successfully, despite the drastic changes we have seen in the world. After many meetings and discussions, the Ketchikan Chamber Board voted to proceed with an application for a permit to close the roads so that we could enjoy a traditional parade, with COVID-19 mitigation protocol in place for the impending crowds.

Unfortunately, particularly with the recent potential of a spike in Ketchikan cases, the EOC and City were in the difficult position where they felt it necessary to deny this permit for the sake of community health and safety. While we understand this decision, your Chamber wants to follow through on our promise to our community to bring a celebration to Ketchikan no matter what form it must take. The Chamber Board of Directors and Events Committee has developed a plan to pursue a community-wide decoration contest for citizens and businesses alike to participate and share their patriotic spirit for this holiday. Citizens are encouraged to decorate their homes, and businesses are encouraged to decorate their storefronts, for prizes associated with the following categories:

Best Theme Interpretation – HOMETOWN HEROES
Most Patriotic
Most Representative of Ketchikan

Businesses and citizens are asked to have decorations complete and their address sent to the Chamber no later than July 2nd at 4 pm. This will give our judges time to travel all over our community and select the winners! Winners will be announced during our July 4th virtual events, including coverage from KPUtv. Prizes will be awarded in each category for both citizens and businesses, for a total of 6 winners.

Once we receive all entries, addresses who wish to participate will be listed on the Chamber Facebook page as a “directory” for individuals who wish to hop in their cars and tour around to the decorated locations. This vehicle tour is an important part – because there is one final prize!

A PEOPLES’ CHOICE award will also be given out for the property chosen by you, Ketchikan! Ketchikan Radio Center will be helping us to track engagement for the contest, and details on how to participate can be found at

In addition to the community decorating contest, we are also working on bringing virtual events to the community throughout the day, as well as one more surprise we are trying to coordinate – cross your fingers and stay tuned! We will be continuing to highlight the theme of this year’s parade, HOMETOWN HEROES, throughout our coverage and events.

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic still presenting risks in our community, we ask that people tour in their vehicles as one household. Feel free to decorate your vehicles as you drive around, and honk and cheer for your favorites! We will also have a specially decorated spot for our soon-to-be-announced GRAND MARSHAL! Stay glued to our Facebook page for that announcement, and be sure to swing by on the Fourth to show them some love!

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