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Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Mental Health: Stop Watching Television

2020 does seem to be an interesting year doesn't it? We went from an almost World War 3 to pandemics, to rioting--what's next an alien invasion?

People's emotions are high strung and it begs the question, why? The answer simply is everyone is plugged into fear porn. If you turn on the news it's some kind of fear porn, if you go on social media it's another sort of fear porn. Fear, anxiety, and literal porn is what everyone finds when they connect to the internet. The problem is...

It's Not Real

I read the news and I write about politics. One of the benefits is that I have a pulse for what is happening in the world, likewise, one of the cons is that I see so much recycled news that I become desensitized to it and see the trends and fake news that comes with it. The perfect example are the Murder Hornets (remember that?) for about a week the internet blew up about murder hornets and I immediately realized that it was fake. Just another example of fear porn. Why? 

Because every 5 years or so there's a story about killer insects and i'm old enough to see and remember the trends. 

Killer insects of course aren't that big of a deal, they don't really impact us, however, so called pandemics and the 'invisible enemy' are tailor made stories to get to the emotional center of our brain and we are helpless to stop it. Except those also aren't real. 

If you weren't constantly plugged into the internet and watching fear television news, you would have no idea that a pandemic was happening. You probably wouldn't even know anyone that had any so called 'covid 19' virus let alone know anyone who died from it. 

My point isn't to minimize the people who have had it. My point is that there is so much more to this world than living in fear and raising your anxiety through the roof for months at a time. We live in Alaska and it's summer. You aren't going to catch anything by going out in the woods or go fishing. You aren't going to catch it by going on a picnic with friends. Do you know why? Because you don't know anyone who that has happened to. 

For your mental health, turn off the television and the internet for about a week and enjoy your life. You'll quickly realize that the world isn't a scary place, there aren't 'invisible enemies' hiding in the salmon bushes. There never was. 

The amish (or as I call them the illumi-amish) have always garnered respect from me for years and made me jealous. 

How can they just live there without electricity? 

How can they not care about global politics and wars in the middle east? 

How can they be so happy unplugged from the world? 

All good questions and the answer as i've come to realize is because they believe in a higher authority which is God and Family. Internet, news, and even electricity are distractions from what is important: spending time with your loved ones and socializing. They are happy because they realize there are things that they can control and things that they can't. Wasting time and emotional energy on the things they can't, aren't healthy. 

We can't control the news, foreign events, or much of anything. What we can control is unplugging from fear and anxiety. 

So take a break. Turn off the news and enjoy our Alaskan summer!

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