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Monday, June 22, 2020

Travelers Entering Alaska by Land or Sea Must Complete Travel Declaration Form

From the State of Alaska:

Quarantine or testing is required

JOINT BASE ELMENDORF-RICHARDSON, Alaska — The State of Alaska requires travelers entering Alaska to follow specific quarantine and/or testing procedures identified in Health Mandate 10. COVID-19 screening and testing facilities have been established in 10 Alaska airports that receive out-of-state travelers. Those who arrive in Alaska by land or sea may not be greeted by COVID-19 screening and testing facilities like those established within Alaska’s airports, but these travelers are required to provide test result information and completed travel declaration forms in accordance with Health Mandate 10. The travel declaration form and other Mandate 10 information can be found on and

For land borders:
In partnership with the State of Alaska, the U.S. Customs and Border Protection is supporting traveler adherence to Mandate 10 through distribution of the mandatory travel declaration form and testing voucher at Beaver Creek, Haines and Skagway border crossings. The state is in close communication with counterparts in Yukon Territory, Canada to ensure consistent messaging for travel through Canada.

For maritime ports:
Coastal communities are approaching screening and testing in ways that meet their individual community needs. While some communities are considering mobile screening and collection capabilities, others are working directly with their harbormasters to implement screening processes and inform incoming private vessels of travel mandates and locations of nearest testing sites. Travelers entering Alaska via maritime ports need to check with harbormasters prior to arrival to understand local screening and testing requirements and resources.

The Unified Command is also coordinating with the Alaska Marine Highway System on traveler education, mandatory travel form distribution, and general travel compliance of Health Mandate 10.

For both land and maritime ports of entry, travelers must complete the travel declaration form and may submit a qualifying COVID-19 negative test result when traveling to Alaska. These can be submitted in advance to However, travelers should retain duplicates of both the travel declaration forms and test results for verification purposes to be presented at each port of entry screening site.

If a traveler who arrives in Alaska by land, sea or air cannot take, or will not take, a COVID-19 test they are required to conduct a 14-day quarantine, and fill out the travel declaration form.

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