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Monday, July 13, 2020

Trooper Report Week of July 5, 2020

Location: Prince of Wales Island

Type: Over-limit non-pelagic rockfish, use of sport caught fish as bait.
Dispatch Text:

On 7/2/20, Alaska Wildlife Troopers on Prince of Wales Island located a string of five shrimp pots in the marine waters of 12-mile arm that were baited with six non-pelagic rockfish (Quillbacks). Investigation revealed that John James, age 61 of Hollis, had caught the rockfish while sport-fishing for salmon and had then used them as bait in his shrimp pots. James was cited for retaining the non-pelagic rockfish in violation of the ADF&G emergency order 1-RF-R-03-20 which prohibits the retention of non-pelagic rockfish in all Southeast Alaska marine waters. James was also cited for using the sport-caught rockfish as bait.

Location: Ketchikan

Type: Retain undersize commercial troll King Salmon
Dispatch Text:

On 7-6-2020 the Alaska Wildlife Troopers cited Thomas Frein (31) of Ketchikan for retaining two undersize King Salmon while commercial trolling in the Ketchikan area. This is a strict liability commercial offense that requires a mandatory appearance in the First Judicial District Court in Ketchikan.

Location: Craig

Type: Non Pelagic Rockfish
Dispatch Text:

On 6-30-20, Ronald Oneil, age 48, of Whale Pass was issued a citation for possessing a sport caught non-pelagic Rockfish. Oneil had caught and retained a copper rockfish when retention is prohibited. Bail is set at $140 in the Prince of Wales Court.

Location: Prince of Wales Island

Type: Fail to seal black bear w/in 30 days of kill
Dispatch Text:

On 7/7/20, William Bowden, age 41 of Coffman Cove, contacted the Alaska Wildlife Troopers on Prince of Wales Island to have a black bear sealed that he had shot in Unit two during the spring bear season. Investigation showed that Bowden had not sealed the bear within 30 days of the kill as required by regulation. Bowden was issued a minor offense citation for the violation.

Location: Ketchikan

Type: MVC-Injury, Failure to Give Immediate Notice of Accident, DWLR
Dispatch Text:

On 07/08/2020 at about 0354 hours, the Alaska State Troopers received a report of a rollover motor vehicle collision on Forest Park Drive. Prior to AST's arrival the driver fled the area and was later contacted at a hotel in Ketchikan. Investigation revealed that Justine Samaniego, age 25 of Anchorage was driving a Ford pickup when a deer reportedly entered the roadway and Samaniego attempted to drive around the deer and ultimately loss control of the vehicle and entered a steep ditch. The vehicle reportedly rolled three times and came to rest upside down. Samaniego reported wearing her seatbelt and received minor injuries. Further Investigation revealed that Samaniego was operating a motor vehicle while her license status was Revoked. Samaniego was issued a Summons for Failure to Immediately report an accident, and a traffic citation for DWLR. The vehicle was reported a total loss.

Location: Petersburg

Type: Commercial Gillnet Closed Waters
Dispatch Text:

On 7/9/20, Orion Fenner, age 38, of Petersburg was issued two misdemeanor summons for commercial gillnetting closed waters. Fenner is the owner and permit holder aboard the F/V Commando. Arraignment is scheduled for 8/12/20 in the Petersburg District Court.

Location: Prince of Wales Island

Type: Escape Mechanism Violation
Dispatch Text:

On 7/8/20, Alaska Wildlife Troopers on Prince of Wales Island located and seized a personal use dungy pot in the marine waters of the Klawock Inlet that did not have the required escape mechanism. Investigation showed that the pot was being fished by Byron Skinna, age 54 of Klawock. Skinna was issued a minor offense citation for the violation and the pot was returned.

Location: Prince of Wales

Type: SAR
Dispatch Text:

On July 10, 2020 at approximately 0957 hours, the Alaska State Troopers on Prince of Wales received the report that a party of four individuals, including two juveniles, was canoeing the Honker Divide Canoe Route and were near Thorne Falls. The complainant advised Steve Moyer, age 59 of Washington, was hypothermic and they were unable to warm him. The USCG in Juneau launched a helo and transported Moyer to Ketchikan. The Thorne Bay VPSO and several local volunteers located the remainder of the party and assisted them along the remainder of the route.

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