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Sunday, August 2, 2020

AVTEC Now Allows High School Seniors Opportunities to Enroll

July 28, 2020
No. 20-29

SEWARD, Alaska — Alaska Vocation Technical Center (AVTEC) has reviewed and modified its admissions policies to allow high school seniors an opportunity to enroll in training at AVTEC and earn a valuable employment credential during their final year of high school. The program, dubbed “Senior Year to Career,” provides high school students who have completed all credits necessary to graduate or who are very close to graduation, to enroll in AVTEC training programs to build job skills, earn workforce credentials and prepare for employment upon graduation.

Before beginning the admissions process, high school students must obtain permission from their parent or legal guardian to attend and, if necessary, live in the residence halls. Students must turn 18 years of age prior to completion of AVTEC training and have all high school graduation requirements for their district completed.

In addition to the standard AVTEC admissions process and requirements including the requisite score on the Test of Adult Basic Education (TABE), the assessment administered by AVTEC to incoming students meant to determine a student’s readiness for post-secondary training, reading and math. Each AVTEC program has a requisite score that is used as an indicator for student’s success in their chosen program.

Students wishing to participate in the Senior Year to Career must have written permission, including a release of information waiver, signed by their parent or legal guardian. Provide high school transcripts, verification of number of credits required by district, and completion plan, if applicable, and a letter of reference from a school counselor, teacher or other responsible educator indicating student readiness for enrollment in AVTEC that includes the students prior experience, interest or passion in the topic and chosen program at AVTEC.

Senior Year to Career students pay all the required tuition, fees, room and board costs as outlined in 8 AAC 82.100 State of Alaska regulations; and specific fees per specific program for training supplies.

For more information on Senior Year to Career, visit avtec.edu or contact AVTEC admissions at (907) 224-3322.

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